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Portrait painting capturing depth of soul ~ Art from the heart with a primal, native, energy twist























"Sharon's expressions of the ancient, tribal and sacred form, catapults you into other worlds. Her ability to capture the true nature and spirit are outstanding. When I look at her pieces, I am taken back in time, to places I have never been but through her imagery, feels like home." ~ Pam Smith, Psychotherapist, Bereavement Counsellor, Spiritual Carer

"Your art to me reflects depth, honesty and soul... that's my very first thought...depth more than anything." ~ Carla Holliday, Nurse, Loving Mother

"Sharon's ability to bring out the depth of her subjects is extraordinarily soulful. Her art work is contemplative, ceremonial, and beautifully articulated through her medium.
Your art is BRILLIANTLY BEAUTIFUL, and all one has to do is, experience it." ~ Laura Praat, Author, Artist, Herbalist and Flower Farmer

"Exotic! Soul piercing, always those eyes! Can't wait to see more." ~ Deb Somfay, Retired Stress Reduction & Relaxation Therapist, Cardio-Pulmonary Clinician

"I love Sharon's soulful works of art. Today more than ever before we need reminders of what being fully embodied and alive can look like, and Sharon's paintings offer us that gift." ~ KS, Yogi, Trauma Specialist

"Sharon brings life to the richness of women in history as they are often overlooked. Sharon’s artwork gives them a re-birth into their rightful place where we can admire the powerful and primal layers of the divine feminine." ~ Renee Olah, Counsellor, Animal Rescuer

Bullets Are Frozen Tears by
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