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Hello Friend,

My name is Sharon Sephton, or "Sha" and I am the creator of Earthgirl Art. I'm mainly a portrait painter who loves to capture depth of soul with a primal, native, energy twist. I'm passionate about getting back to our earthy roots, honouring our emotional intelligence and ancient, female ancestry.  

Spiral Goddess

My Story

Having been made redundant as an Holistic Therapist due to Covid, I want to express my part in this beautiful world with some kind of crazy in it through painting and writing.

I completed an Arts degree in the 90s and have had various commissions from friends, family, individuals and organisations including the London Fire Brigade and have exhibited with Indian Futures - a charity that helps poor women in India, which aligns with my heart-felt intentions of growth and contribution. I am a published illustrator in new book series called The Language in Light by Dale Allen Rowse.
Currently living in Brighton, U.K, since 2002 and live with my teenage son. 

I'd love my creativity to give you a sense of groundedness and home-coming, and from there a sense of f-light. If you'd like a special Earthgirl commission, original painting or fine art print for your home, retreat, spa, altar or as a gift then please contact me or view the gallery and browse the shop.
I also have a Facebook page where I offer a lovely give away each month so come on over and sign up!


























"I purchased one of Sharon's art pieces for my husband as a birthday gift. I commissioned her to do something special just for him. It was more than I could ever have expected. Sharon's ability to paint, her form, and her compositions are extraordinary. Her ability to capture the true essence of the spirit of one's soul, is also a mastery that she has been gifted with as an artist. It takes a gifted eye to create from where Sharon's art flows. He/we both loved the gift; it hangs by the door of his office." ~ Laura Praat























"The painting is remarkably beautiful, coming straight out of an ancestral soul, pursuing it's liberation through masterfully executed brush strokes of an ancient although in the present living soul keeper. It doesn't matter in what corner of the room you are wandering about, her eyes are always following you, caressing you gently with the spirit of the blue ocean. It will certainly not be the last one to add to my new collection of what I personally would describe as a "Spiritual Soul Derived Art Form." Bravo and Thank You for this formidable discovery. Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota = we are all related.)" ~ Stephan Torel

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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